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[/ultimate_heading][vc_column_text]We have a wonderful multi-age childcare room with five hour sessions three days a week.

Our community childcare has such a nurturing and family-like environment that many of our families choose it as the first place their children have been outside of the family. We take this privilege very seriously and love getting to know each child while supporting children’s learning and development through the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework. We meet all Local, State and Federal regulations and guidelines to offer accessible, affordable and high quality childcare to local families.

Session times

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
9.15am-2.15pm (5 hour session)


There are two ways of booking your child in.

Permanent: Your child has a permanent booking for the whole term.

Casual: Enrol your child and use the care when you need to. We cannot guarantee a place in any particular session for a casual place.


  • Term booking:  $47.50 / Concession $40 per 5 hour session
  • Casual booking: $54.50 / Concession $49.50 per 5 hour session
  • One off administration fee: $30
  • Fundraising levy per term for materials: $10 per family

Under Children’s Services Regulations children can receive a maximum of 15 hours childcare per week.

Our service operates throughout the year and in school holidays but closes for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year period (the last week of December and the first three weeks of January.) We are closed on Public holidays.


Our childcare coordinator Lily has many years of experience in childcare. She always takes the time to chat to parents about how their children are going and we love her for her creative ideas and huge personality. Our other staff, Liza, Vilma and Fiona, are all incredibly warm and create a wonderful family atmosphere in the room. Your child will see the same staff each time they come. All our staff have current working with children checks.


Phone 9687 3345 (office) | phone 9396 1466 (childcare room) | email

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